U N I T Y (n)

2.7.16 3:50A.M
South Los Angeles

Sweet and docile,
Meek, humble and kind:
Beware the day
They change their mind!
In the cotton fields,
Gentle Breeze:
Beware the hour
It uproots trees!”
-Langston Hughes

When are our out pours and our cries of pain ever going to resonate in a way that causes social climate change? How many platforms and strides of resiliences do we as a people need to possess to be treated as human beings? When will the black and brown bodies claimed everyday due to systemic oppression be held up with dignity. As well as the lives and voices of our officers.

This unhidden and ongoing war haunts us every damn day. Fighting everyday literally feels like putting a knife up to America’s neck, “asking what’s it gon be? Will it have to be an uproar and revolution of the people in the streets?”

Im super perplexed. pissed of.

and emotional about everything.
fucking everything.
every harassment.
every story.
every tear shed.
every life lost.
every form of destruction that has been casted amongst my people.

Our people.

Im building on my ideas and using this energy as a focal point to fight and push for change. but i feel like im running out of ways to fight!! Collaborate together.

FLOOD THE STREETS of your communities. MAKE CALLS to city councils and officials. SIGN Petitions. Let your outrage. Depression. Fear. Anxiety. Be heard. As my sister said @sixfiftyone “No politician has any incentive to shake the status quo”! We can heal 400+ years of pain on as a people. One unified Conscious group of people that choose to stand hand in hand together.

Destiny (n.)


South Los Angeles

“If one part of the body suffers it all suffers, If one part flourishes all parts flourish.”


Diligence is key to success.

To nourishing exactly what you want.

Reach deep. Search deep.

B E  Silent. Let your heart open. L i s t e n  Closely.

B E a fighter. You hold the light to every goal you will accomplish.

Trust your knowing…and run.

Movement (n.)

6:38a.m- Los Angeles






start over,



There’s a calmness in movement. With every change understand that there is a new exchange happening. A new beginning. Embrace the rhythm of change- movement is essential.



Hope (n.)

9:18a.m Los Angeles- Miracle Mile

all we need is hope. And for that we have each other” – Andra Day (Rise Up)


Patterns Produce Life.

Be disruptive.

Exchange positive Energy.


Life often asks us to stand for someone else.

Stand in pain,

Stand in  joy,

Stand in question,

Stand in celebration,

Stand in love.


Observations: When you stand for someone who is not able to stand for themselves you impact energy. You share empowerment. Your Share Hope. Stand for someone today. Someone will stand for you.




I N F L U E N C E. (n) (v)


(documented thoughts)

3:32 p.m, Los Angeles –KTown

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth,

and I don’t have to be who you want me to be. I’m

free to be what I want.”

– Muhammed Ali




Happy Birthday to the greatest.

Hopes: Don’t underestimate the power of your energy. Influence is a powerful gift. Be disruptive. Set the tone. Set the standard. Raise awareness. Touch hearts. Bring healing. Deliver peace. Connectedness is everything. Shape the World around you.

Money don’t grow on trees…

S A C R I F I C E .(n) (v)

“There’s no glory without sacrifice”

-Chinese Proverb

7:53P.M, Los Angeles


Theres an interesting tie I recognize between money and people.

They love it.


They hate it.


Observation: Money is a resource. A necessary tool. There indeed is beauty in “the struggle”. The S A C R I F I C E, is apart of making the journey real, and meaningful- don’t miss the magic.







S O L I T U D E.(n)

(Documented Thoughts)

6:47 A.M, Los ANGELES

What do you live for?

What satisfies your thirst?

What delivers inner peace?

i wake each morning with desire to reflect. Each day I grow stronger. Each day I grow diligently. This is what I live for.

Solitude has been the most revealing experience thus far.

“Silence” has delivered all of my answers.

Allowing oneself to discover complete wholeness in one moment… this is how I would define this search.

     Observations: Often times we allow our minds to be clouded by insignificant thoughts. We allow ourselves to be distracted. There is freedom in communicating intimately with oneself. Living a life of self discovery is nothing short of a full experience. Today, this week, this month- tap into your authentic you.