S O L I T U D E.(n)

(Documented Thoughts)

6:47 A.M, Los ANGELES

What do you live for?

What satisfies your thirst?

What delivers inner peace?

i wake each morning with desire to reflect. Each day I grow stronger. Each day I grow diligently. This is what I live for.

Solitude has been the most revealing experience thus far.

“Silence” has delivered all of my answers.

Allowing oneself to discover complete wholeness in one moment… this is how I would define this search.

     Observations: Often times we allow our minds to be clouded by insignificant thoughts. We allow ourselves to be distracted. There is freedom in communicating intimately with oneself. Living a life of self discovery is nothing short of a full experience. Today, this week, this month- tap into your authentic you.

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